* Let us run for you

* The key to everything is tutorial training and practice.

In accordance with the region where the project will be established, together with the supervisor service by us, our fully equipped assembly team in line with the demands of our customers moves from our factory when the product arrives at its final destination and starts the assembly on site. Our language-competent supervisors follow up the project from the first to the last day and report it daily.

The capacity and quality tests committed within the scope of the agreement are made on-site and the facility is delivered to the customer with the data obtained.
During the installation, a detailed training is given to the local technical team of our customers.

Thanks to this training, operators can operate the facility in a healthy way even after our team leaves. Our multi-language machine manuals are left to the technical team at the delivery of the facilities.

It also offers the operator to operate the facility as TANIS, depending on the location and project.