Man's grain cultivation dates back to about 10 thousand years ago. Today, world wheat production has reached 748 million tons annually and world corn production has reached 1.1 billion tons. 3% of the world's wheat production, while barley production of 4.8% is produced in Turkey.

Grains are still the most produced and consumed food raw material in the world, although they have undergone great changes in their journey for centuries. Wheat, which is the main food source of the whole world, is transformed into corn and barley flour, processed through various processes and reaches the tables in the form of hundreds of different products.

Good processing of grains is essential for cereal crops. Tanis AS accompanies the long journey of wheat, corn and barley with its own deep-rooted adventure in the history of milling machines. Tanis A.Ş., one of the first exporting industrialists of Gaziantep, has become a brand that has risen in the country and its region thanks to its commercial activities with neighboring countries. After the grandfather Kemal Tan, who founded Tanis A.Ş. in 1956, handed over the company to his son, Kemal Tan, the company turned into an international brand that can export all its production. Reaching the third generation, the brand continues to grow and develop today. Thanks to its activities focused on continuous growth, it transformed its corporate experience and power in the sector into production and established TANIS MILLING TECHNOLOGIES in 2015. TANIS MILLING TECHNOLOGIES produces state-of-the-art automation machines capable of producing high quality wheat, corn and barley flour. To the milling industry; It offers a variety of technologies and services that can provide stable and maximum efficiency in current product quality.

TANIS MILLING TECHNOLOGIES, being one of the first institutions to receive the European standards certificate; documented its quality with ISO, CE, TÜV, TSE quality standards. Turkey, mill technology sector in the world, about 30% of the possession in the hands of a slice. TANIS MILLING TECHNOLOGIES is among the top 5 brands in the industry worldwide.

Potential customers of TANIS MILLING TECHNOLOGIES are companies producing wheat, corn and barley flour, barley semolina and rice flour. In addition, pasta, biscuit varieties, snack dessert manufacturers are companies that produce industrial-sized bread and other bakery products and need large amounts of semolina and flour.

TANIS MILLING TECHNOLOGIES, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Sudan, Angola Operates in Nigeria, Cameroon, Bangladesh and Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Serbia, India. In addition, the number of countries in which it operates in business is increasing steadily every year. It has a world-class technology that can handle grain products, which are the basic food source of the whole world, with great care and skill.


Tanis Değirmen Makina San. ve Tic. A.S.

Tanis A.S. has taken the following principles as its duty in order to maintain its high value production and corporate structure by strengthening: - To grow its corporate knowledge and capabilities into the future - To produce permanent solutions by using its power and production capacity in the most qualified way - To continue to grow at a stable and sustainable pace - To be a reliable organization that adds value to its customers - To be an exemplary organization that does not compromise on quality and values ​​- To contribute to the development of the sector by adding value to the sector and creating a competitive environment - To develop technologies that can add value to human life - To contribute to national and regional welfare

Tanis A.Ş. has aimed the following principles in line with its corporate structure and future strategies: - Being a pioneer in the sector - Combining corporate production capabilities with a systematic strategy - Prioritizing production technology and innovation - Institutional investment in R&D - Corporate To preserve and improve the value given by employees as a requirement of culture - To maintain the pioneering feature by creating differences in the sector - To produce continuous innovation and added value with the spirit of entrepreneurship - To invest in human development, to keep the corporate structure on strong rationalists - By achieving a universal standard and service quality, To gain constant customer satisfaction. - To maintain and improve the representation ability of the country in the sector

- Respect and Affection We care that our corporate structure is a big family, and that each of our employees support each other with a strong bond within the framework of love, respect and tolerance. - Courage and Sincerity We protect our humanitarian conditions at the maximum level and freely share our ideas with mutual respect, sincerity and courage. - Reputation Our strongest social capital is our reputation; this value is above all for us. - We are always open to continuous improvement with our Curiosity for Continuous Development, our openness to new ideas, our positive approach and our search for difference. - Human Orientation Our human resources, our most valuable capital, are the main factor that strengthens our corporate structure. - Environmentalism While producing, we work with a responsible understanding and sensitivity that do not consume, know the importance of soil, water and air for human life and the future of the world. - Customer Satisfaction One of the ultimate goals of all our works, customer satisfaction is also our motivation and power source.