BLOVER BLOVER özellikleri


Area Of Use

It is used for horizontal or vertical transportation of all kinds of grains and legumes and also for filter bags cleaning. Both direct-attached and belt-pulley operating mode can be used. Thanks to its small area, easy maintenance and installation features, in recent years, fan pumps in horizontal and vertical conveying in the milling sector It has been highly preferred machines.

Features And Advantages

  • It is also defined as blown air lock from one side to the other.
  • With the blowing pipeline, direct connection is made to the end product bunker.
  • The material falls through the lower opening through a stream of air passing along a pneumatic conveying line.
  • Thanks to the tight wing tolerances, it eliminates air leakage into the silos.
  • Minimum maintenance
  • The main body and inner blades are made of cast iron.