Area Of Use

Square Sieve is a machine that plays a very important role in flour production process. It is used for sieving and classifying the wheat that is ground in rolls. The sieving process is arranged according to the mill scheme. It is designed for the highest possible sifting area in minimal confined spaces.

Features And Advantages

  • Special adjustable pressure equipment used to clamp screen racks downwards
  • Easy sieve change making easy and simple control
  • Each screen compartment has two inlets to divide the desired screen compartment in half. By adjusting the weights, the centrifugal force is adjusted, and this will allow larger and smaller rotation trajectories. It is used in industries with large sieve capacity. The sieve area changes according to the operating capacity. By using different types of sieves, it is possible to make the sieve classification better and to make a large capacity. High sieving capacity can be achieved by using sieves of different heights and by using an intermediate sieve. In this way, the upper and lower sifting areas can be adjusted. It is possible to increase the sifting area with effective sieving possibility at high capacities and special type sieve boxes. Ability to place 28 sieves in each screening chamber
  • Ability to fit 30 sieves in jumbo types
  • Possibility of closing gate doors conveniently and tightly with a special pressure compression device. The sieves are completely covered with laminated material made of first quality solid wood in a square shape and whose structure cannot be changed. By bringing the sieve positions to the right angle, more sifting area can be gained. Ability to divide vertical and horizontal by adjusting the sifting compartments at the desired level
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Insulation panels covered inside to prevent condensation
  • A wide range of standard and special screen adjustment possibilities to meet flowchart demands